Verification of
Third-Party Code

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Avoid risks of claims from third-party code owners
Always adhere to license terms when using third-party code to avoid high litigation costs and suffering from forced disclosure of your proprietary code

Pay special attention when using code under free / open source licenses, such as GPL

Third-party code – is it worth verifying?

Each third-party code, libraries, modules, objects, and images you use in your software has its own owner who distributes it under certain conditions or license.

You must carefully follow the terms of such licenses to ensure that you do not violate them. Special care should be taken when using code that is distributed under open source licenses such as the GPL.

If you doubt that you comply with all licenses, or if you just never paid attention to it, you should definitely check the correct use of third-party code in your software.

      Risks of violating third-party code licenses are extremely high

      In case of a breach of licenses to use third-party code, if the violation becomes known to the rights holders, your company is very likely to face the following risks:

      1. Claims from third-party code rights holders.
      2. Substantial expenses on litigations.
      3. Threat of disclosure of proprietary source code of your software.

      What we offer to keep the risks away from you

      We provide our service as follows:

      1. You provide us with a list of third-party code that you use in your software.
      2. We check whether you use it in compliance with relevant licenses, outline the risks and give recommendations on how to mitigate them. Our recommendations for safe use of third-party code may include, for example, using correct linking, providing information required by third-party licenses, etc.
      3. After implementing our recommendations, you can focus your efforts on your software instead of the risks.

      Following this verification, to reduce the risks of license infringement in the future, we recommend adopting an internal instruction or guideline in your company on the correct use of third-party intellectual property.
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