Enhancement of Business Operations Maturity
Measure your business operations maturity

Enhance where necessary

Recommended to businesses who are planning an expansion, through external investments or using own resources
Expanding the business into new territories brings you new customers, with their new money, - sadly sometimes together some new challenges. While you were only serving your initial target audience, your operations were most likely designed in a "quick and dirty" fashion, which is absolutely reasonable for the initial business establishment phase. Or, you might have even designed your business operations, systems and processes in a very clear (and probably even documented!) manner – you just did it for your initial purpose, rarely with potential expansion in mind, simply because it was not justified at the time when you were starting the business.

But when you want to invest – or asking someone else to invest – additional resources into your business expansion it might be useful to look into
(1) your business operations and check
(2) how scalable they are.
Check (3) if order placement process is automated enough to sustain your expected increase in customers,
(4) if your processes are logical enough for all these new employees you are about to bring onboard, and
(5) if they ensure the segregation of duties requested by authorities. Convince yourself – and your potential investors – that your business operations are essentially mature enough to get to the next level with controllable risks.
Business Development
Often when growing into new territories or expanding into new business areas, companies relay on "let's give a try" methodology. This approach was very widely used through centuries and while being the most common, not always very efficient. Or rather – almost never efficient.

Many leaders believe that business cases are something for the big corporations, something from the blue chips league, and small or growing organizations should not be bothered with all that planning. Though creating a simple – yet structured – business case, that clearly declares the reasons and metrics for success makes an expansion more feasible. Which is especially important for smaller or growing companies, with their limited resources and longing for quick wins.

The case should not be long and full of complex formulas, sometimes it can even be verbal, or one-pager, yet it has to give you and your potential investors clear understanding that you comprehend the consequences, that you know how to measure if you heading the right direction and let's not forget if you know where to stop if the situation goes pear-shape.
Our offer
  • Do the gap analysis on your business operations before and after potential expansion. How smart and scalable your sales systems and processes are and what are the risks – if any – of continuing to run the operations of your business the way you do now.
  • Provide you with guidance on what do you better optimise before expansion and what is not that really impending as of now.
  • We can help you create the Business case for your business expansion. Developed from scratch for you, using your language, your ideas and your goals. No heavy templates for you to fill in.
  • Or even design and land the culture of "decision by business case" approach into your company, making the future of your business more predictable both for you and for your investors.

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