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Benefit from a business case and expand your business with manageable risks
Assess your business operations maturity to grow the business

Benefit from the data driven decision support that we will provide for you

Recommended to businesses who are planning an expansion, through external investments or using own resources

Our offer is to create a Business case for you

The primary objective is to determine maturity and readiness of your company's operations for business expansion and to make a Business case that will help you and your investors evaluate the potential of your business.

  • Do the gap analysis on your business operations before and after potential expansion. This step is very important before any informative and reliable business case can be made. How smart and scalable your sales systems and processes are and what are the risks of continuing to run the operations of your business the way you do now.
  • Provide you with guidance on what you better optimise before expansion and what is not that really impending as of now.
  • Then together we create the Business case tailored for your business expansion plan. The case will be developed from scratch, using your language, your ideas and your goals. No heavy templates for you to fill in.
  • We can also design and implement the culture of "decision by business case" approach into your company, making the future of your business more predictable both for you and for your investors.


Growing the business into new areas means getting new customers and their money, but it can also bring new challenges. When you were only focused on your first customers, it's likely that your setup was quick and maybe not fully fleshed out—which makes total sense when you're just starting. Or, probably, you were organised and indeed set up your business processes clearly (maybe even written them down!) but did it with only your first goals in mind. Thinking about growing wasn't a priority when you were just opening your business.

Though when you're planning to invest more money into growing your business—or if you're asking others to invest—it's helpful to:
  • Review your business operations and evaluate how well they can adapt to growth.
  • Ensure your order placement process is automated enough to handle more customers.
  • See if your processes make sense for the new employees you're planning to hire.
  • Confirm that your business operations processes meet the standards set by authorities for segregation of duties.
By doing this, you reassure yourself—and your potential investors—that your business is ready to advance to the next stage with manageable risks.

Business Development

Frequently, companies attempting to venture into new territories or expand into diverse business sectors resort to a "let's give it a try" approach. This method, while time-tested and prevalent, is seldom the most efficient.

Many business leaders are under the impression that constructing business cases for every day decisions is a practice reserved for large-scale corporations, a necessity solely in the domain of blue-chip companies. Yes, we know how important it is to present a proper and solid business case when pitching your start-up, but when managing their businesses day to day, many feel that smaller or growing organisations should remain unburdened by such extensive planning. However, developing a brief yet methodically structured business case, outlining clear objectives and success metrics, can significantly bolster the feasibility of expansion endeavours. This is particularly crucial for smaller or growing companies, where resources are limited while the desire for quick wins is high.

The business case needn't be an elaborate document fraught with intricate formulas; at times, a verbal agreement or a one-page summary suffices. The pivotal aspect is that it should provide unequivocal clarity to you and prospective investors about your understanding of the potential consequences, your knowledge of the indicators of success, and importantly, your judgement to know when to retract - should the venture start to unravel.

Creating a business case for the business expansion isn't solely about projecting income and expenditures, although these insights are crucial and must be meticulously calculated. More importantly, it is imperative to support your decision with relevant data from both your business and the market. The business case we will collaboratively develop will be strategically designed to empower you to make informed, data-driven decisions. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of both risks and opportunities while considering your existing operations and capabilities.
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