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Get insights

- Analysis of the competitive patent rights and their priorities
- Trend Analysis
- Patent Reverse Flow Research
- Patent Clearance Research (FTO or Infringement Research)
- Non-infringement and Invalidity analysis
- Patent Competitive Intelligence
- Product Competitive Intelligence


If you enter the market, especially US, you may run into patent trolls and competitors.

The cost of patent lawsuit is about $100k per month (3-25 months)

Lose the value of the business by infringing of 3rd parties rights

Our offer

- Analysis of the competitive patent rights and their priorities
- Patent Competitive Intelligence
- Trend analysis research
- Patent reverse flow research
- Patent Clearance research
- Non-infringement and Invalidity analysis
- Patent Competitive Intelligence Subscription
- Get answers to the question of "how it is done."
In the era of information technology, when no business can do without a technological base, innovative products and services have especial value to the company.
The creation of such a product is impossible without regular technological market research, including competitive analysis, customer surveys and generation of many ideas and hypotheses.

But while an analysis of current products and services in a specific area can provide insight into what competitors are offering and what customers need, then patent analysis provides answers to the question of "how it is done."

At the same time, patent analysis makes it possible to identify trends in the development of technologies several years before their implementation, to find new ideas for business, taking as a basis and developing technologies of other companies. As a result of the analysis, it is possible to draw the first conclusions about the risks of patent claims and about the level of competition, to determine the regions and countries that competitors are targeting, which in all allows you to accurately assess the investment attractiveness of the development of a particular product or a service.

With extensive expertise in patenting, technology product management and intellectual property law, our company can carry out patent research that will be of great value to your business and help you make the right decisions.

We use cutting edge machine linguistic analysis technology to process thousands of patents without losing sight of important details. Our research methodology allows us to conduct patent research in any technological area: analyze patents of competitors, find publications related to a specific product or technology, identify key technological trends of recent years, and much more.
While determining the value of a non-infringement or FTO opinion, it is extremely critical to assess the qualification and expertise of the person who has issued the opinion.
A patent opinion is considered to be competent only if it is issued by an expert who possesses sufficient qualification and expertise both in patent law and the concerned technology.

We will take care of the entire routine of the processes
- We have patented technology, are we protected?
Granted patents and novelty searches offer no assurances regarding infringement.

To determine whether you might get risks for selling a product, you need a Patent Clearance Research, also known as the freedom to operate (FTO), product clearance, patent infringement search, infringement clearance, etc.
The purpose of a Patent Clearance is to assess the risk of patent infringement associated with a particular technology.
- When is it better to start Patent Clearance research?
If your product is at an earlier stage of development where modifications are possible, then by identifying essential patents early on, you may be able to find ways to work around the claims of the patents that present a high risk of infringement. The value of Patent Clearance research may exceed its cost by inducing design-around efforts that reduce infringement risks and increase patentability of your product.
— How to reduce infringement risks?
— to reduce risks which may be found during the clearance analysis or competitive intelligence research, we can provide recommendations on what to do with the documentation, public materials and even with the development if it is applicable.

- Why is this so important to correct public materials?
— Most civil claims and lawsuits use public materials as evidence.
We need to be proactive here.