Strategic Approach to Patenting

The path from ideas to patents needs to be defined.
Patenting should always consider business priorities: purposes, countries, competitors and their rights, work on the technology till and above visible patentable level, make patent umbrellas.
We will take care of the entire routine of the process and will help to identify patentable technologies.
Let's think together what your product will be in 5 years... and get a broad valuable patent.


Patenting is a serious challenge.

Rule is first-to-file - Don't be late!

Scope of your rights significantly depends on patent team.

Companies spend more than $15k per application and not always succeed.

From idea to a wide patent application

- Patent novelty search to expand IP rights, to develop innovation step, to understand your disposition on the market and competitive environment
- Development of ideas and expansion of patentable rights to cover future innovations and future possible trends
- Preparing of patent application "from scratch"
- At the first contact: overview and pitching –
what are the IP rights, goals, objectives, opportunities, value etc.

Our offer

- Patenting US / EU / PCT and other countries
- System and strategic development of IP in all areas of the company
- Outlining key IT promising directions for - development
- Analysis of the technologies for their patenting and suggestion for companies on possible vectors for innovations
- Novelty and State of Art analysis to learn whether the technology is new worldwide and to examine stage of innovation
- TRIZ methods for inventors and development of creativity
In the past our team has brought to the patent 100% of more than 1000 patent applications and received multiple awards including Clarivate TOP-100 Global Innovators 2018-2019 and 2020.

Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators™ 2020 - Clarivate