Litigation and Compliance
We are ready to support clients who never give up
Got any warning letter, claim or lawsuit against you?
Do you think somebody is violating your rights?

We are here to help
We will take care of the entire routine of the processes
We monitor trolls and have intel about them and their spin-off companies, including their strategies and the law firms they use. It helps a lot every time.

Technically you have 21 days to answer from the service date. Before that, we will need to understand your position, arguments, learn tech details, and weigh everything with you. Then we will advise what to file with the court.

Technically we use representatives in each territory for delivering our strategy because we are all tech and legal but not admitted before the court in every country where we have clients. So, we do core science, develop strategy, work on the details, and then use territorial counsels where we need to file with the court. This approach saves money for companies.

In our experience, hundreds of claims were successfully managed and 10 lawsuits were won, we personally represented the cases against Microsoft and Apple and won over these giants.
If you enter the market, especially US, you may run into patent trolls and competitors.

Average litigation expenses for an active patent lawsuit are about $100k per month over a period of 3-25 months. A reasonable royalty is the most common measure of the patent owner's damages and it is common for patent owners to request roughly 5-15% of the infringer's US bookings.

Huge damages and risks to get heavy licensing conditions
Technical and legal analysis of the complaints
- Research, analysis and preparing NON-INFRINGEMENT and INVALIDITY position
- Strategies on arguments
- Expert opinions in IT/IP
- Mediation
- Mock trial and trial
- Interaction with local representatives
Our offer
- Consulting
- Handling the IP lawsuit, C&D, authorities requests and any other types of claims
- Arguments and positioning
- Claim Charts
- Expert witness services
- Monitoring competitors' lawsuits
"In the past as the in-house counsels our team dismissed all patent lawsuits from IPAT, Lodsys, WetroLan, Device Security, GBAS, Uniloc (3 cases), as well as a class action case and dozens of claims, without paying out."

Millions US dollars in claims were saved and not paid out to the Plaintiffs.

Nadia Kashchenko
CEO and Founder
Nadia Kashchenko
Founder and CEO