Legal Support for
AI Development

ESPE Services
Implement and protect your innovative AI-driven technologies within the legal framework
Add new capabilities to your services by using generative AI models

Assess and minimize risks related to applicable personal data protection laws, use of copyrighted works in LLM models, automated decision-making, implementation of third-party AI services

Protect your RnD investments by patenting your promising AI technologies

Compliance of AI-enabled services with the legal framework

AI-driven technologies that use generative LLM models can add great business value to your services.
It should be taken into account that
1. Creating LLM models involves the processing of a large amount of data, information and documents, the rights to which may belong to third parties.
2. The use of LLM models usually involves the processing of personal data, which may involve third parties such as, for example, AI service and engine providers.

We can help you navigate through the thorns of the laws that govern the creation and use of AI technologies with minimal risks:
  • Compliance with applicable data protection laws such as the GDPR, UK GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, HIPAA, Swiss FADP, Singapore's PDPA, India's DPDPB, and others, privacy policy review, drafting internal guidelines for processing personal data, communication with data protection authorities.
  • Compliance with specific laws applicable to the area in which the AI service will operate. These may be laws governing the processing of children's data or sensitive information.
  • Drafting proper agreements with your users, partners and contractors that take into account the limitations and nuances associated with the use of AI features in your services.
  • Analysis, risk identification and review, recommendations and roadmap for implementation of risk mitigation and compliance measures.
  • Consulting and support, which is especially important as the legislation governing the use of AI is still being developed. You will be prepared for the changes in advance and will be able to implement the necessary improvements in a planned manner, harmonizing your AI services with the novelties of the laws. Another benefit will be that you will receive timely information about the risks associated with lawsuits over the use of AI systems and an assessment of the applicability of such risks to your AI services.

    Patenting innovative AI technologies

    The market for AI solutions is growing rapidly, providing opportunities for companies with breakthrough and innovative technologies in this field. Each technology, once patented, gives you the ability to exclusively use it for the next 20 years or earn additional revenue from licensing the technology. In addition, patented technologies will allow you to compete on an equal footing in this market.

    We offer:
    • Patenting - from an idea to US / EU / PCT application with full analytical support, creative work with inventors, novelty research, bringing to patentable level, with minimum office actions.
    • Patent research on technologies, competitors, patent clearance research (freedom-to-operate).
    • Analysis of the technologies for their patenting and suggestion for companies on possible vectors for innovations.
    • Analysis of the competitive patent rights and their priorities.
    • Trend analysis and product competitive intelligence.
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