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IP Valuation

We will assist your company with preparation of evaluation of your IP rights by certified valuators partners, as well as report to justify applicable royalty rate. That will have a direct effect on valuation of the whole business.

In a nutshell, the purpose of IP valuation is to satisfy the requirements of the financial reporting standards to represent the value the created intellectual property as well as justify the range of royalty rates which can be applied for the usage in the transactions should the rights for the usage of intellectual property be transferred to transferees and become a mechanism of value transfer within the operating model of the group.

Such valuation may be timed with the following:
  • Transaction of sales and purchase of IP or other transfer
  • Contribution of IP into share capital of a legal entity
  • Audit as of the end of reporting period
Failing to consider this leads to risks of noncompliance with the local reporting standards and the risk of disallowing applied royalty rates from the usage of rights, risk of delays of transactions and timelines of audit of financial statements.

Financial Reporting and Tax Planning

The purpose of financial reporting and tax planning is to comply with the local reporting requirements in the countries of your business presence for
  • Timely submission of tax returns and the supporting financial statements of companies and startups
  • Providing shareholders and other stakeholders with the timely consolidated management accounting data outlining company's financial performance, and
  • Providing consolidated information on the company's financial position on the reporting dates, measurable KPIs, dashboards, actual vs budgeted results
Ignoring this brings risks of noncompliance with the local reporting standards deadlines, risk of significant delays in providing quality financial data to the shareholders and stakeholders in a timely manner, risk of misalignment of measured results of the company's activities with the actions taken by the management.

We will navigate you through the different tax jurisdictions and find the best one for your business and provide advice on how to structure your corporate taxes in the most efficient way to
  • Comply with the local tax reporting requirements in the countries where you do your business for timely submission of tax returns
  • Comply with local transfer pricing regulations
  • Optimize effective profits tax and help to choose proper transfer pricing allocations
  • Use all available tools for tax planning
It is important to mitigate risks of noncompliance with the local tax regulations, missing out available tax benefits and incentives, overpayment of the tax.

Financial Due Diligence

Prepare your company for Financial Due Diligence which is part of any Merge & Acquisition transaction so that you can timely evaluate your company, compile all your financial data into data room for sharing with potential investors, creditors, stakeholders.

We will help you with data gathering, access control, follow up and subsequent responses to third parties queries.

We also will help you with IP financial structuring.
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