Development of Documents

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Get a complete set of necessary documents for your company's operations
Make sure your agreements, internal policies and guidelines are up to date

Provide training to your employees to increase their understanding of working with IP and personal data

What documents does your company need and why

The purpose of creating a set of necessary documents for the company is to reduce IP and data privacy compliance risks in the company's operations.

What documents are essential?
These are
  • Instructions and templates on patenting,
  • Guidelines on the use of third-party code, objects, and trademarks,
  • Privacy policy,
  • Cookie policy,
  • Instructions on personal data processing, about handling requests from data subjects and data protection authorities.
As companies grow in size, it becomes difficult to keep employees on the same page about how to handle IP and personal data. So policies, templates, and instructions are needed to cover multiple risks.

Some documents are required to comply with the law. For example, the GDPR requires keeping records on the processing of personal data, to respond to requests from data subjects. Without policies and instructions, it is extremely difficult to comply with such obligations.

        Risks from lack of required documents

        The main risks if you do not have the necessary documents, or if they are not clear and transparent enough and cause difficulties in use::

        1. Lack of patenting of the company's innovative ideas.
        2. Patenting of weak ideas.
        3. Incorrect use of third-party code and violation of licenses.
        4. Errors in the use of third-party trademarks, resulting in claims.
        5. Violations of applicable data protection laws that result in claims from data subjects and regulating bodies.

        How we prepare documents

        We conduct interviews with company representatives, clarify the set of required documents, and analyze the available documents.

        In addition, we recommend holding a series of meetings or trainings with employees to discuss basic IP and privacy questions.

        As a result, you will get:

        • A complete set of policies, instructions and procedures governing IP and data processing.
        • Increased awareness of company's employees of how to deal with the company's and third-party IP and how to lawfully process personal data and fulfil obligations of data protection laws.
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