Due Diligence:
Work Properly With IP

Strengthen your negotiation position and mitigate your risks
Recommended to all businesses in order to work properly with IP and reduce risks of getting complaint, claim or lawsuit from customer, partner, competitor or regulator.
We will take care of the entire routine of the processes

Audit is a good approach to check all legal aspects of company assets

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
and what is also important:
- competitive disposition on the market,
- potential IP infringements
- data privacy, ownership and unfair competition
This is needed to examine and understand every business in order to identify essential details, reach conclusions, make recommendations, and work on other narrower topics.

Due Diligence in different areas

Due Diligence for M&A or partnership can reduce risks, expenses and secure investments now and in the future

High risks can be identified based on analysis of the product and public materials. It should be stressed here that most civil claims and lawsuits use this approach.

When you know your risks, you can use this to bargain. Same thing with partnership, you can add necessary provisions re IP rights

Our offer

- Consulting
- Competitive disposition on the market research
- Potential IP Infringements research
- Patent lawsuit analysis to identify risks that already happened with 3rd parties
- Data privacy analysis to find legal bugs and incompliance with the processes
- Analysis of existing internal regulations is needed to check ownership, contracts in part of IP
- Patent analysis to understand the scope of protection
- EULA, Copyright/copyleft/trademarks/ ownership
- Analysis of potential risks in unfair competition or wrong comparative advertisement

All said above can reduce risks, expenses and secure investments in future. When you know what the risks are, you can use this to bargain.