Protection of Software

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Get protection on your software to be able to evaluate it and exercise your rights in a lawsuit
Use state registration of your software to defend your position in court

Benefit from protecting your software during M&A, IPO, in reports for investors

Software protection – why it matters

Although the exclusive rights to the software as well as to other copyrightable works originally belong to the authors, every time you need to take legal actions with your software, you need to have proof of your exclusive rights.

This is necessary, for example:
  • If the software is used in materials in a court case.
  • If you are selling the software.
  • If your company is facing M&A and you need to valuate and account for the software in intangible assets.

      Risks if software is unprotected

      Protecting software is necessary to be able to perform legal actions with your own software. For example, it may be a defense in a patent lawsuit.

      If your software isn't protected, you won't be able to exercise rights to the software and you will have limitation in legal ways to protect rights to your software and actions during lawsuits.

        Our offer for software protection

        To obtain protection for your software, we will prepare and submit an application to the intellectual property office (for example, USPTO) and get confirmation of your exclusive right to your software.

        The result is state registration of the software, confirmation of ownership, and the possibility for your company to defend its rights to the software in courts.

        Cost and duration of software protection varies from country to country.
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