Legal Support and Consulting

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Legal Support is vital to ensure your company is always in compliance with changing legislation
Keep up to date with the latest developments in data protection legislation and AI regulations

Update your EULAs, customer and partner agreements, as well as internal policies and guidelines on time

Train your employees to raise awareness of how to deal with IP, personal data, and AI-driven services

Purpose of Legal Support and Consulting

We live in a dynamic world, and the legal landscape is no exception. There are new laws and standards to comply with, such as personal data protection laws.

Your software and services are also changing to meet customer demands, with new features that need to be implemented in compliance with legislation. AI-driven features are the most prominent recent example.

Legal Support and Consulting will help you

  • Ensure uninterrupted and risk-free business for your company on all IP, AI and data privacy issues, and more.
  • Maintain a high level of employee awareness of patenting innovative ideas.
  • Rapidly tailor your agreements for clients to be aligned with the law.
  • Promptly consult on the use of new third-party code and third-party trademarks.
  • Consider changes in data protection laws and AI regulations in advance.
  • Update your company's internal documents as the legal landscape changes.

      Risks of operating a business without Legal Support

      We can outline these top risks without ongoing legal supervision:

      1. IP and privacy related bottlenecks that prevent continuous and risk-free business.
      2. Unexpected claims from clients, partners, and authorities.
      3. Unpredicted and increased expenses due to emergency response to IP and data privacy risks.

      Advantages of Legal Support for your company

      The main benefit is predictable development of your company, the ability to plan investments in IP and data privacy compliance and manage risks, keep your policies and instructions updated.

      We can provide this service on a subscription basis, as well as on an hourly basis, depending on the scope, complexity and urgency of the task.

      Additionally, we can provide training for your employees to support your standards of IP handling and data protection.
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