Data protection refers to the relationship between the collection and dissemination of data and information.

Because such data often contains confidential information, control and disclosure of data pose a number of legal and policy concerns.

Consequently, complying with these laws requires companies to continually review their internal and external procedures when addressing these issues.
We will take care of the entire routine of the processes
software and services compliance with Data Protection law
Needed because GDPR certification does not exist but fines on GDPR exist.

"The must" for international tech companies.

- Data transfer risks
- Inappropriate legal and technics measures
- Lack of regulatory documents
Personal data processing policy and activities
Analysis and recommendations on personal data processing policy and activities:
- Legal and techniques measures for transferring data to 3rd countries;
- Determine roles, purposes and data flows;
- Determine legal basis for data handling;
- Compliance with basic principles of data - protection law;
- Preparing report & recommendation, necessary documents, inc. but not limited to Privacy Policy, Privacy Notice, Retention policy.
Our offer
- Consulting
- External DPO
- DPO-as-a-Service
- Audit on personal data issues: GDPR, LGPD, CPPA, HIPPA
- Recommendations, policies and procedures on data protection issues
- Training for marketing, developers, tech alliances people, data protection teams
- Support lawsuits, any claims and regulator's requests in part data protection
Nadia Kashchenko
Founder and CEO