Chief IP Officer and
Data Protection Officer
as a Service

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Get benefits for your company by engaging a skilled professional to manage your IP issues and privacy risks
Use Chief IP and Data Protection Officer as a service to address your ongoing IP and privacy challenges and build a strategic advantage over your competitors by protecting your IP, patenting your innovative technologies, and ensuring compliance with data protection laws

Pros of having Chief IP and Data Protection Officer as a service

Purpose and main duties of Chief IP and Data Protection Officer as a service:

  • Supervise all IP aspects and privacy issues in your company using a strategic holistic approach,
  • Develop IP in your company in coordination with investors and shareholders,
  • Proactively protect and defend your company's IP by eliminating causes of risks before they arise,
  • Create and maintain a long-term and comprehensive strategy for compliance with personal data protection laws,
  • Consider all regulations applicable to your company, such as the Digital Services Act and the AI Act.
If your company has an innovative spirit and leadership and wants to protect its IP, has ambitious plans to develop its technologies in a low-risk and compliant manner, is prominent in the market, you need a professional who will address issues and plan the development and protection of your IP in a balanced and proactive manner.

Why do you need a professional as a service, instead of a full-time employee?
It's simple. A skilled professional as a service will cost your company less than a full-time employee.

Risks if no Chief IP and Data Protection Officer is appointed

  1. Higher costs to eliminate the consequences of risks (for example, claims, complaints from users or authorities).
  2. Lack of a strategic plan for the development of your company's IP, which means a lack of technological leadership and lost profits.
  3. Insufficient compliance with personal data protection laws and other applicable regulations.
  4. Higher costs when hiring a Chief IP and Data Protection Officer under an employment agreement.

What you get from Chief IP and Data Protection Officer as a service

Appointing a Chief IP and Data Protection Officer has long-term strategic benefits:

  1. Steady innovative and low-risk development of your company.
  2. Increased capitalization and attractiveness to investors due to the growth of a high-quality IP portfolio (patents, software, trademarks).
  3. High level of compliance with applicable laws such as the GDPR, Digital Services Act, AI Act.
  4. Significant reduction of IP and privacy risks and associated costs.
  5. Prompt resolution of IP and privacy issues based on a proactive rather than reactive approach.
  6. Predictable strategic development of your company's IP.
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