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Lead Patent Research Manager
Candidates will gain exposure to business and patent issues through research efforts that will assess the novelty of various technologies. The work involves manual searches of patents and literature, analysis of search findings, and generation of reports to clients. The candidate will also assess the opportunity space and emerging technical directions in the cybersecurity, mechanical engineering and manufacturing fields.

The position is ideal for candidates who have a strong interest in cutting edge technologies and strategic issues facing the industry and would like exposure to product development, IP (intellectual property), business development and strategy.

You are

You work well independently and effectively manage your own deadlines and goals. You stay focused on the goal, but are flexible and can adapt to changes in plans. You work well as part of a virtual team and make an effort to stay connected with your colleagues.

The role

Lead Patent Research Manager is responsible engaging with clients to gather project requirements, clarify scope, prepare proposal and present results. Projects are in support legal and business decisions related to patentability, validity of a patent or clearance of a technology, invention disclosure or portfolio management.

The Lead Patent Research Manager may perform the research individually or coordinate with other analysts in completing the project. In this role, you will:
- Lead the engagement with clients in both writing and phone/video to scope the parameters of a research, to provide interim search reports, and to deliver final results
- Coordinate the project internally, performing individual research and guiding other analysts in their efforts on the project as needed
- Perform quality review of projects to review adherence to project scope, evaluation of conclusions and final report presentation
- Devise advanced and non-traditional search strategies for complex projects and technologies
- Design and prepare reports based on project requirements that clearly present results and insights
- Conduct patent researches
- Perform trend analysis researches
- Provide patent expertise for patent cases
Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in a relevant technical field

· Cybersecurity
· Electrical Engineering and Physical Sciences
· Telecommunications and/or Electrical Communications
· Computing

Patent attorney
5+ years experience in patent search, patent examination, or patent prosecution
Experience directly interfacing with clients and stakeholders to scope requirements, prepare proposals and deliver search results
Deep knowledge of search methodologies, approaches and tools and techniques
Knowledge of non-patent literature sources in your relevant technical field
Excellent written and oral presentation skills
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