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ENR Law Firm
Israel, USA, UAE
A boutique law firm with offices in Israel, New York and Dubai has been providing legal services in Israel and abroad in various fields of law for more than 20 years. Highly qualified lawyers deliver a full range of legal services to both corporate clients and high net worth individuals, specializing in customized solutions for complex matters involving multiple jurisdictions. Comprehensive and creative approach to solving customer problems focuses on providing an in-depth legal analysis of all aspects of the case and choosing the optimal path to its successful completion. Legal Practice Areas

Litigation Consulting and Expert Testimony In Software and Data Analysis

Provides litigation and crisis consulting, as well as expert testimony services related to electronically stored information and software. We specialize in complex data analysis, software-related disputes, and electronic discovery.

Practice is truly international, with clients in the US and Europe, and our office is located in the Washington DC metro area.

  • Expert Testimony
  • Data Analytics
  • Comparative Software Analysis for Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Security and Miscellaneous Software Analysis
  • Software Development Contract and Software Failure Analysis
  • Electronic Discovery and Document Review
Sababa Security is a Milan-based company, that scouts for new cybersecurity solutions and helps customers to find solutions addressing their specific needs both in corporate security and in security applied to specific fields, like media streaming, critical infrastructures, IoT and others.

Sababa Security was founded in 2019 by Alessio Aceti and HWG. As a leading and innovative cyber security company, HWG always invested in scouting new solutions to enhance the level of protection offered to its customers worldwide and nowadays this business unit became so important that required further investment and the creation of a dedicated company, Sababa Security.
Areas of expertise: Investment Management, Financial Advice and Business Development. Members of PolyReg and PolyAsset.
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