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  • Nadia Kashchenko
    Co-Founder & CEO
    LL.M., Patent Attorney

    Nadia Kashchenko is focused on expertise in privacy and security concepts (GDPR, LGPD and others), software product compliance, infringement of IP rights expertise and many more, including litigations. Please see "Services"

    In general, Nadia provides an advice on work with specific markets from compliance point of view; competitive analysis based on patent rights analysis; data protection laws/ data privacy analysis; IP ownership and Internal documentation, patents and possible infringements of 3rd party rights.

    Nadia Kashchenko was formerly the Chief IP and Antitrust Officer at a major IT Security firm for 15 years, overseeing 9 patent cases in the US (100% won), antitrust cases against Microsoft (with global impact) and Apple.

    She holds a M.S. in Computer Science from MEPhI, 17 different awards in Intellectual Property in the field of Computer Science (Top 100 Global Innovators, Best IP Strategy in IT, Best inventions (in the field of computer science), Best prospective inventions "Priority trends in the development of science, technologies, and technics", and others) , Patent Attorney, Law degree and LL.M, Nadia is co-author of 13 patents in United States, Europe, Russia and China.

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