The more IT solutions, the richer the choice, the healthier the competition!
Published on March 20, 2021

How to keep this balance and what if there are the barriers created by IT giants, which abuse their dominant position and increasingly absorb ideas, services technologies into their products and can limit your functionality? Following intuition, everyone understands that giants are taking over the world. There is no other chance rather than to survive in order to stay on the market.
How to do that and what is needed? Big-name law firms? My answer is NO. I led two greatest antitrust cases against IT giants and successfully went through them with my antitrust team (Dmitry Polyakov and Alexey Ivanov). We struggled for balance between the rightsholders of the platforms and independent developers like Justin Payeur - Boomerang parental control.

Nadia Kashchenko
If you struggle with IT Giant which abuses their dominant position on the market, you need to have a bouquet of knowledge and work on at the intersection of three areas: IT, legal, and economics.

Essential facilities, tying practices, aftermarkets, and leveraging of market power are applicable to Giant's conduct, including the closed type of ecosystem built by the company. Economics is one of the crucial parts of our evidence every time. I appreciate different approaches in economics in different countries and the influence of the world's recognizable economists on science. For more information please read our article here